In February we had the pleasure of teaching in-house content creation to TESCO’s product development team of 50 marketers, buyers and chefs.

Following a capability review TESCO reached out to OLSON, and our training arm The Styling Handbook to upskill their team in creating phone content for internal and external PR and social media - Louise and I (Sophie) spent a wonderful week working with the team at the Heart Building in Welwyn Garden City (a brilliant place to go to work, full of passion and creativity, and amazing subsidised catering, we ate so well!).

Over a period of a few months we worked with TESCO Exec Chef, Jamie Robinson to devise a bespoke training plan that blended industry tricks and essential content creation skills with custom modules that were developed specifically for the unique challenges the team face.

Over a one and a half day workshop working with TESCO products and in a mix of environments each group covered;

- working with and manipulating natural light (and continuous studio lights)

- essential photography kit and lighting aids

- image composition and styling tricks

- photography essentials and phone camera best practise

- essential food styling kit

- prop styling

- editing on Lightroom mobile and Instagram

- shooting in retail environments

- shooting in hospitality environments

Our workshops are very hands on and as you can see we covered a lot, so  everything we teach is backed up in print in The Styling Handbook.  This means  our sessions can be all about demonstration and practise while we’re in the room together, providing personalised feedback and support.

We also introduced our tried-and-tested 4-part content creation formula to give the guys a checklist when planning, creating, directing and getting more from their content going forward.  

The image below (and  the original raw image underneath) was taken by a student and used to demonstrate the power of editing when working with natural light - its 50/50  camera/edit when you need to add that pop so editing is always integral to our training sessions.

Some behind-the-scenes of the teams set ups - the top image uses our ‘big, medium, small’ composition hack and the bottom image was part of an exercise exploring layers and frames. 

And what looks like a simple overhead set up, easy enough to achieve but this was photographed in a Costa cafe with the WORST orange overhead lighting (you can see a bit creeping in in the top edge) - this student did VERY well to manage the light and get the shot.

We really enjoyed working with everyone at TESCO and can’t wait to work with them again, thank you for having us!

We had some lovely feedback too, here are a few snippets.

‘Thank you Sophie! I sooooo enjoyed your course, really ignited a passion of mine. I can definitely see myself working in your industry in the future. In the meantime I’m going to keep up the learning and practising.’

‘I absolutely loved the course and can see me using the skills in everyday life as well as work.’

‘Amazing course, thank you!’

‘Loved the training, so well put together. Can’t wait to read everything else in the handbook too, thanks so much!’

‘I’m absolutely buzzing! Really loved it thank you. I was doing so many things wrong and now I know, thank you!’


Behind the scenes - sometimes the floor is your best table! And the edit, by the brilliant Calli.

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